What is personal information

We treat with respect the safeguarding of its Guests privacy about the Guest as an individual, such as name, birth country, address, age, gender, e-mail, telephone number, credit card information, preferences and specific requests stated before, during or after the stay, including digital correspondence exchange. This data will be collected only with the Guest’s prior consent and processed in compliance with the European Union legislation on the General Data Protection Regulation.

Why personal information is collected

Our mission is present the Guest with a superior customer service. Personal information is collected to assist us in making a reservation for a Guest and aid in providing the services requested by him. Keeping this data, improves the service delivered to the Guest every time there is a return. It also allows to confirm prior transactions and reconcile statements or invoices and helps keep the Guest informed of latest offers or other information that may be of their interest. If the Guest wishes not to receive informatio, that request can be made on his registration card upon stay or through an e-mail to…